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January 2018 Practice News

We want to help start your 2018 off right! In this newsletter enjoy a practitioner’s perspective to help you implement your 2018 goals, a recipe to assist in capturing your goals and our product of the month that lets you focus on you!

Happy New Year from all of us at 5280 Balanced Health Center!
I remember when I opened 5280 three years ago this January and the intention that I felt for how the space would feel, the practitioners it would house and the vision of care it would provide each one of you. It is humbling to look back and see that reality has surpassed that vision. 
Intentions are a great way to begin your new year as they give you guidance when forming your daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals. 
  • What do you want to cultivate in your life in 2018?
  • What is your purpose and what goals can you set this year to continue to achieve that?
Intentions let you enjoy the process of attaining your goals and give you direction along the way. Being mindful in your day-to-day actions and allowing your intention to bleed through all you do will make you more human-being and less human-doing and human-thinking.
We want to help start your 2018 off right! In this newsletter enjoy a practitioner’s perspective to help you implement your 2018 goals, a recipe to assist in capturing your goals and our product of the month that lets you focus on you!
Here is to the wonderful year ahead of all us!
In Health,
Your 5280 Balanced Health Center Team
Practitioner’s Perspective
Implementing and Keeping your Goals!
Cody Baker MA., LPC

   The New Year is a time of renewing, starting over, beginning again. One of the ways that we celebrate this time of year is by setting new goals. Last year we talked about setting goals. To follow up on that, this year, I want to talk about keeping your goals.
   Goal setting is an important part of growth and should be implemented all year round to make sure you attain your original intention. The stats about goals and resolutions this time of year are staggering. Research states that 25% of people abandon goals after one week, 60% of people will abandon goals within six months. Let’s not make this us! Below you will find tools to help you maintain and check in with your goals all year long.
   Start scheduling time to fit the new goal into your daily life. Write it down in your calendar. If exercise is a goal for the New Year, then determine how much time it will take to accomplish the goal and block it out on your calendar. There are two ways this can help. First, when you start seeing this in your calendar it acts as a reminder, which will keep the goal in the forefront of your mind. Second, this time becomes a guarded time. If something else tries to infringe on that time a conscious decision will have to be made. This allows us to be the owners of our time instead of allowing other people to determine how we spend our time. An easy way to acheive this is to plan ahead. Look a week, two weeks or a month ahead of time to determine where this new goal/activity will fit in.
   The mental side of following through on goals can be an in-depth conversation and is not as simple to write. Two helpful characteristics for you to achieve and follow through on your goals are mindfulness and curiosity. Being mentally aware of your goals, and also about your habits and tendencies, will help you to stay on task. Do you usually use your anxiety, stress, fatigue and pain as an excuse? Plan for these occurrences and how you will handle them to help prevent setbacks.
   Curiosity fits right beside mindfulness. Sticking with goals is a process - do not let small setbacks deter you. Continue to be curious in finding new ways to incorporate and implement your goal. The willingness to be curious about why the body or brain reacted a certain way will help with long-term success. There are a lot of tips that are helpful, but it is also important to be aware and know yourself in order to make the changes you want to make.
   When the New Year rolls around and your goals are in place look at how scheduling, mindfulness, and curiosity can help you buck the trend of people giving up on their goals shortly after they are made. Remember: have fun with it, let your curiosity run wild and be patient with yourself. 

            “By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be.  Put your future in good hands – your own” Mark Victor Hansen.
Recipe of the Month

We want to help you this month with your 2018 intentions and the goals to achieve them! Below are recipes to help you formulate both. Get creative with where and how you use these! Put them in your Day-Timer, your screen saver or a dream board. Make sure they are in a spot you will see every day!
How to write an Intention
  1. I want ...
    • What do you want to cultivate this year? It is okay to be selfish in this moment.  This is all about you!
  2. The Request
    • What is the physical end result you want to achieve?
  3. The Ultimate Desire
    • What will achieving this intention give you?
How to write a goal to reach your intention:
  1. Get a picture of your goal
  2. Read Cody’s Practitioner’s Perspective from last January as a refresher.
  3. By when?
  4. Why is this goal important to me?
  5. What skills, knowledge and ability do I need to develop to achieve this goal on time?
  6. What obstacles might arise and what will I do to overcome or avoid them?
  7. What daily, weekly and monthly items need to be achieved to attain your end goal?

Product of the Month
25% off
MRT Food Sensitivity Test and LEAP Program

Did you know we provide food sensitivity testing at 5280 BHC?
It is a great tool we use to identify an array of conditions and potential ailments.
The MRT blood test is not your normal food allergy test. It measures, on a cellular level instead of on a surface (or skin) level, how your body responds to a long list of chemicals, dairy, fruit, vegetables, grains, seafood and flavor enhancers. This allows the test to show more in-depth reactions that might not cause a physical symptom but are causing internal reactions. These internal reactions can lead to fibromyalgia, IBS, migraines, ADD, ADHD, insomnia, depression, GERD, Diabetes, Obesity, Eczema, PCOS and much more!
LEAP is your food protocol guide that is built specifically for your needs in a systematic way - allowing you to implement the changes with success. It will guide you in removing and re-introducing inflammatory items to your diet. This specific addition is what makes this test the best!

Your test will include a print out of your full reactions to all the items they test, a guide and step-by-step instruction to aide you in removing the items from your diet. And, a travel card to put in your wallet so you always have it on hand.
Prices are increasing February 1st so we wanted to offer this special price while we still can!
This year commit to you! Start 2018 off by right by taking care of yourself from the inside out. Let MRT and LEAP help you reach your goals and have the best year yet!

Contact us for details and pricing.
January 19 - 5280 Balanced Health Center’s Anniversary
January 27 - Brittany’s MMA fight at Grizzly Rose!
Doors open at noon and her fight will be at 1:30.
Tickets are $35.
Go Brittany!
January 25-28 - Dr. Katie out of office 

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